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Allen Garage Door Repair takes service seriously. Our commitment to quality and value means that we build a long-term relationship with every customer we work with. We know that after working with Allen Garage Door Repair, you'll definitely recommend us to your friends and family, and call us first for future work. Allen, TX is our home too, and we know that every job we take is directly impacting the lives of people who live in our community. That's why we provide the personal touch that our national competitors simply can't match!

Allen TX garage doors

Garage Door Installation

You need a company that has experience getting your installation completed quickly and on budget the first time. We take pride in our installation services; ranging from a complete garage door system installation, to a simpler garage door opener or door only installation; no job's too big or small. Allen Garage Door Repair is the expert you need to help you select the proper door for your home, and make sure you have a motor that won't wake up the neighbors, yet is powerful enough to lift your door for years to come.

Garage door openers

Our garage door openers, when properly installed and maintained, will last years without the need for expensive repairs or replacements. We offer multiple models and brands to choose from. Allen Garage Door Repair carries openers utilizing a belt drive system; the ultimate solution that provides whisper quiet operation and powerful, lasting lifting power. We also carry heavy duty chain drive units that will lift the heaviest of garage doors, but tend to be a bit noisier than other models, while providing cost savings over some of the other models. Or, if you're choosing one of our one-piece doors, you can choose the screw drive opener which is quieter than the chain drive unit and known for its durability! If all you require is a new garage door, Allen Garage Door Repair is your one-stop-shop as we can provide a no-cost quote and same day installation on most models in our inventory! We know how important it is for your door to provide solid insulation from the elements, while becoming the cornerstone of your home's curb appeal. Our installers work with you to find the perfect match and always work quickly while saving you money over home improvement store prices! allen tx garage doors repair company

Garage Door Spring Repair / Replacement

Did you hear that? The loud noise that woke you up could have been your garage door spring snapping! The garage door spring bears incredible forces on it everyday as it extends and contracts to open and close your heavy garage door. When the spring wears out, you need to call Allen Garage Door Repair! We can get a professional technician on-site for same day servicing and replacement. Don't make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself. Save yourself time and money by getting the right spring for your specific door and opener. Call us today to find out just how affordable our repair services are!

Garage Rollers Replacement

Garage door rollers require regular lubrication to prolong their lifespan. This can be done by one of our technicians as part of a service / check-up, but eventually you'll need to replace them. If your door is sticking or dragging along the rails every time you open your door, we can quickly and cost-effectively repair or replace them for you! Safety is paramount, and allowing your local, experienced team here at Allen Garage Door Repair to replace them for you is the safest way to go!

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Your garage door cable works in tandem with your garage door spring to lift and lower your garage door safely. If one of your cables break, you need to call the professionals at Allen Garage Door Repair to assess the overall damage to your system and provide a quality, reliable replacement for your cables. As part of the repair, our technicians will make sure the proper tension is placed on the spring by the cable, which is critical to keeping everything in perfect running order. We highly recommend our specialized technicians as this is one of the most difficult pieces of a garage door repair.

Garage Door Maintenance / Tune-Up

You'd be amazed at how a little tender loving care (T.L.C.) can extend the lifespan of your garage door! Our team can quickly inspect your system and provide you with lubrication of your spring and rollers, as well as make sure the proper tension setting are in place. When everything is properly set and lubricated, your door will operate quieter and you can significantly lessen the wear and tear on your system. Call us today to receive a quote on our maintenance plans and services!

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