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Your garage door contains multiple parts that come together to make sure your door opens smoothly and quickly every time you push the button. Allen Garage Door Repair specializes in maintenance and replacement of these parts, but lets spend some time discussing what each part is specifically responsible for below.

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Garage Door Rollers

Your rollers hold the door in place on the rails and make sure the door is able to move up and down the rails smoothly and quietly.

Garage Door Hinges

The hinges of a garage door are responsible for allowing the door's panels to flex open and closed. Without this flex, the door would not be able to move from the open position to the closed position without protruding from the front of your garage during operation. These components are some of the most vulnerable to poor garage door maintenance as an unbalanced door causes undue stress to the various hinges.

Garage Door Cables

Cables connect the springs with the pulley system and door. This essential connection maintains your spring's constant connection to the door, regardless of the door's position. If a cable snaps, you'll notice the garage door opener working much harder, or possibly not working at all due to the added resistance and weight of your door being applied directly to the lift motor.

Garage Door Opener Gear Kit

Your garage door opener converts raw force from the motor into an applied force on your door using a series of gears. These gears can easily be replaced if worn down by purchasing a gear kit, which will include the necessary gears for your specific model, as well as washers, nuts, and worm wheel. Purchasing a kit instead of individual parts is more cost effective, and guarantees all your parts in the assembly are designed to work with each other. Because of the importance that these parts hold for safe operation of your motor, we recommend calling Allen Garage Door Repair to install or assess the health of these components if you notice your garage door isn't working properly.

Garage Door Panels

The panels of your garage door are the individual pieces / sections that make up the garage door. These panels are cut at specific lengths to ensure easy lifting and closing of your garage door. These panels match up perfectly when the garage door is closed to make sure that you are getting the best possible insulation from your door, as well as improving the overall curb appeal of your door.

Rubber Bottom

The bottom of your garage door comes into contact directly with the ground when your door is closed. To help prevent wear and tear from surfaces like concrete rubbing against a finished garage door, a rubber liner is placed at the bottom of the door. allen tx garage doors repair companyThis not only protects the bottom of the door, but further insulates your garage from noise and temperature differences outside. There are multiple designs for rubber bottoms that can be used depending on the style of your door, as well as the climate where your garage door operates.

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