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When you invest in a garage door system with Allen Garage Door Repair, you want to protect that investment with regular maintenance and upkeep. This not only extends the lifetime of your garage door, but also keeps you and your family safe from harm associated with garage door failure. Check out some of the topics below to learn more about the specific parts of your garage door and how to maintain them in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. As always, you can count on Allen Garage Door Repair to take care of these tasks for you.

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Springs Maintenance

Whether your garage door utilizes torsion springs or extension springs, we recommend checking them every 3 months for wear and tear. You can easily identify which type of spring your garage door utilizes by looking at the design. A torsion spring coils around a horizontal bar. An extension spring is suspended from the side frames of your garage door and will extends and contract as the door is opened and closed.

Balance of your door

One of the primary things we look at is the balance of your door. To check this, simply detach your garage door from the opener, and then open your door half way. After slowly letting go of the door, it should stay in place. However, if your door starts to raise or lower on its own, then your door isn't balanced. Allen Garage Door Repair can of course help you to correct this by recalibrating your springs for you, which will limit the amount of noise and vibration when opening and closing your garage door.

Rollers Maintenance

Over time, dust and other debris will build up on the rollers of your garage door. It's important to regularly lubricate your garage door rollers. If your rollers are metal, use a non-silicon based lubricant. If they are nylon rollers, you should lubricate the bearings, but you'll want to make sure that the lubricant doesn't come in contact directly with the nylon rollers.

Hinges Maintenance

Hinges generally rely on the maintenance of the other components of your garage door to extend their life. The extra force placed on a hinge resulting from a poorly balanced door with springs that are either too long or too short will result in metal fatigue and eventual part failure. Allen Garage Door Repair recommends bringing in a trained professional to help with all phases of your garage door's maintenance to keep the likelihood of a costly repair or replacement as low as possible.

Cleaning the Rails

Allen Garage Door Repair recommends cleaning the rails / tracks of your garage door at least twice a year. This is a very simple process that significantly cuts down on noise and reduces wear and tear on your system.allen tx garage doors repair company As dust and debris build up in the rails, you'll notice the door sticking as it is lowered or raised, accompanied by a slight jerking motion as the rollers pass through the congested area. Simply take a cloth and moisten it with brake cleaning solution. Then rub down the interior track of the rollers with this solution until they're clear of debris.

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