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Allen Garage Door Repair is your local provider of quality garage door repair and installation at a value you just won't find anywhere else! We provide Allen, Texas with the attention that only a local member of your community can provide. Our clients love that we're not only a phone call away, but we'll make sure we're available for same day appointments when needed.

Allen TX garage doors

With over 15 years of experience

Yu can rest assured that a job completed by Allen Garage Door Repair is going to provide your household with an exceptional level of quality and stand the test of time. While quality is incredibly important, we also offer exceptional value. This means that we won't nickel and dime you like the national chains. You'll never find hidden charges or a service call fee on our invoices.

But what does it really mean to be local?

To Allen Garage Door Repair, local means that our kids go to the same school as your kids. You'll run into us at the grocery store, and you'll see us sponsoring local events. Many of our competitors simply don't understand what local means. You'll hear them claiming to be the local provider, yet all they've done is opened a small satellite office on the other side of town. Our focus is Allen, TX, and we never forget it!

We receive calls from customers all the time who initially chose one of our competitors. Garage door stuck in the open position

One call in particular involved a client with a garage door stuck in the open position. One of the rollers on her brand new installation hadn't been properly secured and caused the door to jam in place. Because of our exclusive same day service guarantee, we were able to get an experienced technician on site that diagnosed the issue and fixed her garage door right away. The customer was elated at the fact her garage door wouldn't be stuck open overnight, which would have left her possessions vulnerable to theft. She is now one of our life long customers and provided us with a wonderful testimonial. Experiences like hers are why we recommend choosing us at the outset of your project.

Garage Door Installation Allen TX

When installing your garage door, you need to factor in multiple considerations. The selection of your garage door should be based off your particular needs, as well as the requirements of your community. Many of the neighborhoods in Allen have Homeowner's Associations which set parameters around what is acceptable for use in your community. Chances are, we installed your neighbor's garage door, so we can answer those questions and address those concerns immediately, without assigning you a bunch of homework. We also know what styles prospective home buyers are looking for. If you're getting ready to sell your home, make sure to contact us. A garage door is one of the best ways to increase your home's curb appeal and get buyers excited about viewing your home.

Installation and repair

Of course is only the beginning of a long term relationship with our clients. We always answer the phone with a smile and take the time to explain our process and why our solution is the best one for your particular needs. Most of our business comes from satisfied clients recommending us to their friends and family. We know that if you choose Allen Garage Door Repair, you'll be so satisfied with our service and our prices, you won't be able to help recommending us!

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